The Problem

If you represent a nonprofit organization that is attempting to find a location from which to provide internet services, you have already run into a problem that is all too common for nonprofit organizations. Most of the companies who provide these type of services are geared towards serving for-profit businesses.

These companies assume that they and their clients share the same objective of making money and therefore assume that their clients will use their web pages as part of their plan to make their next million. Not being stupid, these providers attempt to charge their clients accordingly.

However, when a nonprofit organization approaches these same companies, the commonalty of values breaks down. Most nonprofits do not have a lot of money and by definition are not out to make a lot of it. Yet providers often try and charge them the same fees they would charge a for-profit business.

Possible Solutions

There are a couple of possible solutions to this problem:

Find a commercial provider who is willing to charge a reduced rate for nonprofit organizations. Some providers will provide such reduced rates to nonprofits, however even at these reduced rates they still often charge more than the average nonprofit can afford. In addition, these organizations are often geared towards for-profit organizations and may not understand some of the special needs of nonprofit organizations.

Approach a university or other organization about using their resources for free. In fact there are several lists of such sites, including one by Jon Pennycook and another at Yahoo. Of all the possible solutions, this is surely the cheapest. However, such sites can be hard to come by. In addition, such arrangements are often a case of getting what you pay for. Organizations which give away free access usually can not afford to provide much support or may not provide a reliable service.

Our Solution

At our solution was to set up a service that is specifically designed to serve nonprofit organizations. Because we are dedicated to serving only not-for-profit organizations we can offer special attention to the needs of the nonprofit organization, while doing so at a rate that nonprofits can afford. is not officially registered as a nonprofit organization. However, we are also not out to make a million with this project. We are simply trying to provide quality service in an area where we saw a tremendous need and hopefully pay the bills in the process. We would very much like to see become a valuable asset to the nonprofit community and we invite your questions and comments about the service.

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